Hurricane and Preparation For Kids with Autism.

Let’s Face it. A Hurricane is scary.  Now imagine, the individual you care for is diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.  That right, Autism.  These individuals needs are often the last to be considered when you think of Hurricanes Preparedness.  Not no more.  Custom Fence Orlando and The Autism Society of Greater Orlando have teamed up to remind us all, don’t forget the needs of those kids or individual diagnosed with Autism.   Below are 5 things to consider before that Hurricane hits: Don’t delay. Do it Today.

Five Big Things To Consider When Preparing An Individual With Autism For A Hurricane.

  1. Google the special need shelter in your county, Now.   It just might save a life.   You have to be registered prior to showing up. 
    1. Orange County Special Needs Registry
    2. Seminole County Special Needs Registry.
    3. Lake County Special Needs Registry. 
    4. Polk County Special Needs Registry. 
    5. Volusia County Special Needs Registry.
  2. Start packing at the watch and not the warning.  Pack those special Items such as medicines, important documents, and dietary requirement.
    1. Don’t forget all those documents: IEP, Diagnosis, and Medical records.
    2. Don’t forget that comfort food
  3. Prepare to explain through social stories and what to exactly what expect.
    1. Don’t run from it.  Explain it from start to finish.
    2. Describe what is exactly going to happen.  Use pictures
  4. Have a car charger and multiple battery backup for those smart devices.
    1. Do not rely on generators. They are odorless and kill.
  5. Emergency Plan.  Establish a play by play scenario and practice it.   Especially, if you chose to stay.
    1. What happen if
    2. Remember, individual with autism love routine.

Need More.  Listen to Kip Hudakoz as he discusses hurricane preparedness on the Pool Fantic Radio Show live on News 96.5 WDBO.

Prepare Your Fence For Hurricane Mathew.

As you are aware, Hurricane Mathew will affect Central Florida in some manner.  From Orlando to Oviedo, from Winter Park to Winter Springs, Hurricane Mathew will huff and puff and try to blow those fences down.   As a result, we at Paramount Fencing are encouraging every homeowner Hurrican Mathewto embrace that  old fashion saying, “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure.”   It is time to protect that investment,  your fence.

Here are few things you can do to protect your investment. They are also the difference between the insurance company picking up the tab or the cost of repairs coming directly out of your pocket.

  1. Remove the gates and place them in the garage. Understand the gate areas are the weakest part of any fence line. They can be easily removed by removing the hinges attached to the gate itself. Simply remove the screws. Do not remove the screws attached to the fence itself.     If you have an exposed pool, make sure you put up orange mesh fence at the gate entry.  If you do not have time, call us.  We will take them off and re-install them once the storm passes for $100.00.
  2. If you have a stretch of fence line which is standalone or not attached to the fence line as a whole, brace it. Bracing can be accomplished by taking a 2” x 4” about two feet long and placing it at a 45-degree angle, one end buried in the ground, one end attached to the post with a screw.   If you do not have time, call us. We can create the bracing and then take them off once the storm passes for $10 per brace.
  3. If you have a vinyl fence, make sure you remove the post caps and place them in a safe place.   If they are glued, still check your caps.
  4. If you have items attached to your fences such as fence art, potted plants, or equipment. Remove it.
  5. If you have tree limbs that overhanging your fence, trim them.

The above are just a few ways to protect your investment.

In the event you are impacted by the Hurricane and suffer damage, let us know immediately. Understand, the previous customer will always have priority over new customers.  If you are not a previous customer, make sure you take the opportunity reserve pre-Hurricane Mathew estimate.  Schedule.  We promise we will work diligently to fix your fence once the hurricane passes.

Last, my team will be here to help in any way possible.   Even if you need assistance in cutting downed trees and removing debris, we are here to help.  We have tractors and chainsaws.

Take me to Paramount Fencing Hurricane Preparedness Center.