Custom Vinyl Fence

For the modern residential look that compliments a home’s aesthetic, homeowners are seeking out vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing is durable, built for privacy, and is long lasting. It is eco-friendly material that requires less energy to create and has a lower release of emission into the environment. The vinyl fence is favored by environmentalists because of its few resources used to produce it. Most people don’t know that vinyl is the “greenest” material to use for fencing projects. It’s recyclable, so instead of it being tossed to the dump, it ends up becoming a part of something else. Vinyl is a synthetic man-made substance combined from ethylene and chlorine creating polyvinyl chloride (PVC).  Vinyl fencing has a longer lifespan than the average fence, also it requires minimal repair and does not rot or decompose. When installed correctly, a vinyl fence can add to the natural aesthetic of its landscape. 


Installed properly, posts are installed four feet into the ground and set with concrete ensure they are upright, level, and linear. PVC fence posts cannot be forced (driven) into the ground due to critical damage or breakage of the post. When the posts are set in the ground for the gate, aluminum metal inserts are used to keep the posts anchored in to avoid damage due to high wind conditions. The inserts are more water resistant and use galvanized steel for the gate applications.  If the vinyl fence has a gate attached, it is a simple process for the gate to be detached and removed from the fence to avoid critical damage during a storm.


At Paramount Fencing, we provide superior vinyl fences when requested by our beloved customers. Our fence installers work diligently on installing vinyl fencing correctly while also respecting our customer’s residence. There’s nothing more pain aching than cleaning up stomped on expensive plants, that is why we do everything we can to avoid that. We make sure your vinyl fence is leveled, centered, and straightened  to its utmost. Our vinyl fences keep your property private and secure while blending in beautifully with the environment. Paramount Fencing’s goals are to provide the best service and to educate our customers on our products and to keep people informed.

Custom Vinyl Fence Can Add Aesthetic.



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