Custom Fence Orlando

It is very easy to drive through Orlando on a Saturday and see a custom fence that makes us stop and say,  " Wow..."  On Sunday, the ideas start flying through our heads and images are ingrained.    By Monday, estimates are scheduled. By Tuesday, two things become crystal clear:  Complete frustration and sticker shock.     Don't be frustrated.  Custom Fence Orlando is hear to help. 

                   We get it.  We understand the simple things such as tree species,  milling methods, size,  grade, fasteners, and different types of materials.  We understand how each can effect the other and contribute or detract from the aesthetic longevity and structural integrity of a fence.   We visit the lumber mills, pressure treating plants, and the chemical companies and collect data.  Then we conduct our own in-house test and experiments based on a true scientific method.  Simply put, we ask the questions most custom fence companies in Orlando don't.  Questions such as:

  • What is the relationship between the growth rings a tree species possesses and its ability to resist fungal decay and termites once milled into lumber? 
  • How does the changes in the pressure treating code (Micro Copper Base) effect (Galvanize) metal fasters?  
  • Does the amount of titanium dioxide (TI02) contribute to Vinyl Fence system ability to with stand Florida extreme weather. 
  • Does enamel last longer than acrylics power coating systems when applied on aluminum fence.
  • How does salt water pools effect the longevity of aluminum and vinyl fencing systems.

             It's questions like these which have save Orlando consumers thousands of dollars and aggravation over the last twelve years.  It our willingness to ask the tough questions which have made us a trusted source.  So when we say we are here to help, we mean it.