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Attempting a "Do It Yourself" fence project in Central Florida sounds simple.   All it takes a little research on Pinterest, a YouTube video,  and some sweat equity.  That is all it takes, right?  Wrong.  If your thinking a fence is just a fence in Florida, your setting yourself and your DIY fence project up for failure.    Understand, 90 percent of those videos and pictures of fences are built somewhere other than Florida.  There is a reason for that.

This is Florida.  Our climate is unique.  We receive over 54" of water every year, and the water table is an average of 34 feet below our feet.  Let's forget ours and the neighbor's irrigations system, and Central Florida's irregular temperature cycles: Hot to Cold.   What do I mean?  It 70 degrees in the morning, and 95 degrees at 3 p.m.  Springle in a few afternoon thunderstorms and that product is exposed to a rapid rate of expansion and contraction.    Bottom line, certain things work in Central Florida.

So what works?    Well, welcome to Custom Fence Orlando and Paramount Fencing DIY Assist where do it yourselver will have direct access to higher-end custom fencing systems, ideas,  information-based articles.   This is no fence in the box approach.   It is a place where your vision meets the knowledge necessary to create long-lasting greatness.

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