Why PostSaver Work!

Every day, in Florida, homeowners call fence companies.  Estimates are scheduled, and estimates are returned.  They generally know which fence company they like to use.   Well done. They find a pen.   STOP.  Put down the pin. Back up and walk away.  You, "Yes You,"  you forgot to ask that Florida fence company the most important question. "How do you prevent your wood post from rotting?"  Remember, we replace fences in the State of Florida Every 10-12 years.  It's not because of the runners or pickets. It simply because of the posts rotting.  

Postsaver Europe Ltd has dared to ask the question. "Why do posts rot?".    For twenty-eight years they have worked tirelessly to understand the "Why" and they do.  They have invested in the research and develop a product that actually works: The Postsaver Sleeve.  It has been independently tested by third parties both internationalrotted-postsly and domestically.  As a result,  the Postsaver Sleeve and products are used in 40 different countries by both individual consumers and major utility companies to protect wood telephone and power poles from premature failure.  Bottom line, it works. 

In fact, it actually has been proven to extend the life of a wood post beyond expectations...  It simple. It is easy to apply,  and the best part it is cost effective.    It a little secret that U.S. pressure treaters don't want you to know about. 

 Before we begin the explanation of how to prevent wood post rot, we at Custom Fence Orlando would like to thank Postsaver Europe Ltd for allowing us access to their research and technical data.   I know the homeowner in Florida will thank you.   If you want to understand why Postsavers are the alternative to concrete in the state of Florida, feel free to read the post: "Concrete, No Concrete On Wood Posts That Is The Question."

As PostSaver likes to say, "Did you know that typically 1 gram of topsoil contains between 100 million and 3 billion living organisms?"  Without PostSaver on that wood post, all your doing is feeding them.  

So What Are PostSaver's

A PostSaver sleeve is a dual layer technology which possesses an outer thermoplastic heat shrinking sleeve and an inner layer of bituminous liner.  When heat is applied, the Postsaver Sleeve thermoplastic sleeve shrinks and conforms to a wood post. At the same time, the bituminous liner melts and adheres to the surface of the post creating an airtight and watertight seal.  


What Do Postsaver Prevent?

Simply Put, ROT.  In the State of Florida, wood posts rot in a very specific "Zone", 2" above and 4" below grade.   The main reason is all five factors needed to create rot are present.   Understand, all five-factors must be present in order for fiber-eating fungal to exist.     The five factors are listed below: 

  1.  A moister level of greater than 25%
  2. Temperatures of greater than 50 Ferinheight 
  3. Oxygen
  4. Dirt that contains high Levels of Wood Decaying Fungi
  5. The pressure treating loss of effectiveness due to wetting and drying action, leaching and oxidation.

    Eliminate one and the wood post will not rot.

How Postsaver Protects Against Rot

  1. Postsaver forms an impermeable, watertight and an airtight barrier that isolates the vulnerable ground line section of the post from all of the factors necessary for decay to occur, including decaying organisms, oxygen, nitrogen, and moisture.
  2. Postsaver seals the wood and lowers the entry point for moisture, thus keeping the moisture content within the upper sleeved area below the 25% level necessary for wood decay and normal termite attack to occur.
  3. Keeps the preservative in the wood and protects it from oxidation thus maintaining protection. Makes conventional ground rot impossible.
  4. Makes conventional ground rot impossible.

How it works

Where Can I Get Post Savers

Look no further.   We have partnered with Paramount Fencing, Inc. who has agreed to make available the Postsaver Technology for every homeowner or company within the State of Florida.   "We buy them in bulk because it's what makes our wood fences last so long," said the owner of Paramount Fencing.  He added. There is nothing more frustrating than talking to a homeowner who's fence is on the ground, especially when it could have been prevented.  Unfortunately, we can't install everyone's fence.

So if you are a homeowner, landscaper, or fence company--Paramount Fencing will assist you in getting access to the product at a reasonable cost.   Contact Paramount Fencing and ask for PostSavers at (407)341-2720.

It takes less than 60 Seconds.

According to the owner of Paramount Fencing, this is a no-brainer and mindless task.  It takes less than 60 seconds per post and requires a limited skill set, but the end result is a post that lasts for 20 plus years in the state of Florida.   The Postsaver technology comes in all shapes and sizes and can accommodate all types of wood post:  Square or Round.    The one thing that remains the same is it simple and easy.  Just watch the installation instruction video.  

It Easy and Simple To Install