Meet The Editor

Who is Kip

Hi.  I'm Kip.  The editor of Custom Fence Orlando.  People often ask, what does Kip mean?   My response is simple.  The story I was told is my dad, like most dads, name me after something which influenced him greatly.  In my case, it was a hamburger joint in Pennsylvania.  But seeing that you asked, I believe “Kip” stands for Kind Intelligent Person who understand Knowledge IPower.

Why the acronym.  I am a homeowner and consumer just like you.   There is nothing more frustrating than trusting in a company or individual, only to discover the information provided was less than accurate.    When that occurs, our most common response is "If I only knew" and "I wished someone had told me."   Then reality sets in, followed by buyers remorse.

The question is, why does this happen?  The realistic side is our lives are busy and every hour often occupied.  That is life.  So we turn to the web and look for information and tools we need to make a wise choice.   Next, we assume the companies or individuals we research are highly specialized in their industry.   We make a decision, and soon, we realize we were sold and not educated.

Simply put.  We became the victims of  Marketing.  That is why we need more Kip’s in every industry.

As the editor of Custom Fence Orlando, I believe there must be a safe place:  A place where the consumer can seek relevant information, absent the marketing material.  I promise I will always promote and produce real information that will assist the consumer in making a well-informed decision.    That is my promise.

Now, I understand that not all people like to read.  Don't worry.  Custom Fence Orlando, Paramount Fencing, and News 96.5 have teamed up.    So, join me, Saturdays morning at 10 AM on the Florida Home and Garden Show with Co-Host Bill Burk from S&W Kitchens and Tim Pateracki.  Tune in each week as we answer any of your home improvement or repair questions.

Don't worry, if you missed a show, feel free to listen to the pod cast of lastest shows . Simply, locate the Latest Radio Show shows under the Fence Resource Menu.



Why and How Custom Fence Orlando is Designed

As the economy has recovered and recent hurricanes, the demand for a custom fence and fence in Orlando and Central Florida has increased.   New fence companies and new fence products are introduced to the market each day.  For the consumer, it has become difficult to separate fact from fiction and common sense from common mistakes.

What a consumer needs to understand is the fence industry is not licensed or regulated.  No State license exists as they do for general contractors, architects, and engineers.  The Florida building code does not govern how a fence should be constructed.  All it takes is a business tax receipt with a local municipality, a truck, and tools.  Bottom line, the consumer knowledge is limited to the individual providing it and their option.

The problem is the fence industry is highly competitive but attractive to new startups.   For every fence company that starts-up, two go out of business each day.   They fail for two reasons: Lack of knowledge and reputation.  Regardless, a lot of information is dump into the market.  It leaves people confused.

There is an answer.  Custom Fence Orlando is designed to provide a compass for the consumer, a navigational device.  It’s simply real information based on educational approach information that the consumer can a reliable resource.

Custom Fence Orlando is simply he to educate and to inspire:  It features tools such as interactive galleries, educational base articles, and lastest new relevant to the fencing industry.   If needed, it a place where you can get that personal question answered.    So feel free to explore: