Hurricane and Preparation For Kids with Autism.

Let’s Face it. A Hurricane is scary.  Now imagine, the individual you care for is diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.  That right, Autism.  These individuals needs are often the last to be considered when you think of Hurricanes Preparedness.  Not no more.  Custom Fence Orlando and The Autism Society of Greater Orlando have teamed up to remind us all, don’t forget the needs of those kids or individual diagnosed with Autism.   Below are 5 things to consider before that Hurricane hits: Don’t delay. Do it Today.

Five Big Things To Consider When Preparing An Individual With Autism For A Hurricane.

  1. Google the special need shelter in your county, Now.   It just might save a life.   You have to be registered prior to showing up. 
    1. Orange County Special Needs Registry
    2. Seminole County Special Needs Registry.
    3. Lake County Special Needs Registry. 
    4. Polk County Special Needs Registry. 
    5. Volusia County Special Needs Registry.
  2. Start packing at the watch and not the warning.  Pack those special Items such as medicines, important documents, and dietary requirement.
    1. Don’t forget all those documents: IEP, Diagnosis, and Medical records.
    2. Don’t forget that comfort food
  3. Prepare to explain through social stories and what to exactly what expect.
    1. Don’t run from it.  Explain it from start to finish.
    2. Describe what is exactly going to happen.  Use pictures
  4. Have a car charger and multiple battery backup for those smart devices.
    1. Do not rely on generators. They are odorless and kill.
  5. Emergency Plan.  Establish a play by play scenario and practice it.   Especially, if you chose to stay.
    1. What happen if
    2. Remember, individual with autism love routine.

“Note: It is very rare for home insurance policies to cover damages caused by either flooding or hurricanes without specific add-ons. After the above preparations have been made, review your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure you are covered prior to any severe weather indications.”

Need More.  Listen to Kip Hudakoz as he discusses hurricane preparedness on the Pool Fantic Radio Show live on News 96.5 WDBO.