Fencing Resource

             As homeowners, when considering a home improvement project, we are often forced to rely on a company salespeople to accomplish our mission.   The problem is the information often presented is filled with marketing material which disguises the true questions.   Will it really work?  Will it really last?   Custom Fence Orlando is here to help, not to avoid.    We understand how the species of the tree, the milling method, size, grade, and the fasteners contribute to the aesthetics and structural integrity of a fence.  Most importantly we understand every home possesses different architectural elements and understand no two properties are the same. 

        So how do we know...  We visit the lumber mills, pressure treating plants, and the chemical companies.  We study architecture.  We are about data and conduct our own in-house testing and experiments.  We ask the questions most custom fence or fence companies don't.   Questions such as what is the collation between the number of growth rings of a specific species of tree and how it translates against fungal decay and termites? What are the affects of the pressure treating code in relation to fasters?  What are the different types of soils and ecological condition within the Central Florida environment and how they effect fence?  It's question like these which has saved customers thousands of dollars and aggravation over the last fourteen years. 

     We at Custom Fence Orlando encourage every homeowner to slow down and do not get caught up in the wow factor.    Instead, users are resources.  After all, they are free and just might save you a dollar. 

Ask A Perfessional

Research the questions from Ask The Professional.   Chances are someone else had a question just like you.  They are insightful. 

Know Your Area

Know where you live.  Decide which fence or pressure treating code is right for your area.   Don't set yourself up for failure.  

Figure Out Your Budget

Sometimes, with a little hard work, that custom look you desire can be accomplished by yourself.  All it takes is the right product and little instruction.  Check out our do it yourself, custom made simple, styles.