Vinyl Fences and BB Guns Do Not Mix


Mr. Smith was sitting in his favorite chair when he heard a loud thunk on his daughter’s bedroom window.   He didn’t think anything of it at first but after the second thunk…  he went to his daughter's room.   There he found a small hole in the windowpane, and then looked down at the shiny-silver BB bullet resting next to his foot.  When he looked up and outside, he saw two little holes in his brand new white vinyl fence.

He ran outside.  He shouted at the kid's voices coming from beyond the fence-line.    "You darn kids. Your parents are going to pay for that".



With the COVID-19 crisis and school closures,  kids are hard at play in the backyards all across Florida.   Parents be forewarned it is not a wise idea to allow your kids to shoot their BB Guns or Air Soft rifles in your back yard, especially when there are white vinyl fences surrounding the perimeter.

Understand, a bee shot from a single pump BB Gun travel at 285 feet per second and airsoft rifle around an average of 350 feet per second.   Some of you are probably thinking. It is just a fence,  but let’s provide you a little perspective.   According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission about 4 deaths per year caused by BB guns or pellet rifles.   So it does not take a genius to realize, Vinyl Fences and BB Guns Do Not Mix.

Neither does your pocketbook.   Let say your kid shoot your neighbor’s vinyl fence and three pickets have to be replaced.  What does that mean to you? It simple.  Three pickets at $3, all attached to a minimum service call of $400.00.   So think twice parents…  Let’s keep it safe.

Up In Smoke

This summer, Paramount Fencing has been called out to 3 separate repair estimates for either a wood fence caught fire or a vinyl fence melted, all of which were preventable.


Fire departments are called to about 354,400 house fire situations annually. Most are cooking fires, and are already extinguished by the time the fire department arrives. About 2,600 of these fires are started by barbeque grills, often due to them being placed too close to a fence line. Even if the fence doesn’t catch fire, some fences such as vinyl can warp or melt due to extreme temperatures.

Fence fires are especially dangerous, as a fence often creates a convenient pathway for the flames to reach the home. Wood fences are especially combustible and act as fuel for fires.

To help avoid damage to fences due to fire or heat, keep certain heat creating or combustible items away from your fence:

Firewood, dry compost, or dry yard waste. If they catch fire, they will feed the flames and quickly spread to the fence.

Fire pits or barbeque grills of any kind. Again, these either produce fire or extreme heat, and ca cause damage to fences.

Any glass items. Old windows, sliding glass doors, stained glass, and glass table tops. In combination or singularly, depending on the sun's intensity, the above mentioned can act as a magnifying glass and create an ignition source

So Orlando and Central Florida - let us keep it safe and all do our part. Walk around your fence and look for items that can spontaneously combust. Keep your grills five feet off the fence line, and yes that means your neighbor too.