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Custom Aluminum fence is a great way to enhance small spaces, define perimeters, and flat out make a statement.  Aluminum is durable and long lasting.   The possibilities are endless; however, not all aluminum fencing systems are created equal, nor are the companies who customize.

So when considering a custom aluminum fence, there are four important factors a homeowner must take into account:

  1. Selecting The Right Aluminum Fence Manufacturet.
  2. The Area To Be Define.
  3. The Level of Customization Desired.
  4. Selecting Right  Company.

Selecting The Right Aluminum Fence Manufacture

Searching for that right custom aluminum fence manufacturer and company can be a daunting task.  The main reason, as one quickly discovers, is it's hard to separate fact from fiction and fiction from fact.   The culprit is the nature of marketing, nature which fosters a platform for every manufacture every fence company to suggest they carries the next best thing.   So the question is where does the truth begin and end.    The answer is simple.  It begins at Custom Fence Orlando where we get back to the basics.

So let make it simple. When it comes to an aluminum fence, there are only two components by which aluminum fence can be judged or graded: (1) The quality of the aluminum alloy, and (2) is the powder coating system.

The quality of the aluminum alloyed is determined by seven classes or aluminum grades.   Each possesses different levels of functionality such as how easy it is to forms, welds, machines, and resist corrosion as well as provide maximum strength to the end application.     What doe this mean for the end consumer. Purchase an aluminum fence built with the wrong type of aluminum, and a disaster will occur. For example, do you know the difference between

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Custom Aluminum fence is an excellent way to enhance small spaces, define perimeters, and flat out make a statement.  Aluminum is durable and long lasting.  The possibilities are endless.   It's important to understand, however, not all aluminum fence is created equal, nor are the companies who customize.Curley

When considering a custom aluminum fence, there are four important factors a homeowner must consider:

  1. Selecting The Right Aluminum Fence Product.
  2. The Area To Be Define.
  3. The Level of Customization Desired.
  4. Selecting Right  Company.
1.  Selecting The Right Aluminum Fence Product:

When choosing aluminum fence, make sure to do your homework.  The last thing you want is a faded-out, beat-up, old, rickety fence within a few years.   Aluminum generally comes in three different grades:  residential, commercial, and industrial.  It is important to understand the pros and cons of each.    Below are descriptions of the three overall grades of aluminum fencing used to create a custom aluminum fence.

Residential:  Residential grade aluminum saturates the market. It is the class of choice for most fence companies, but buyer beware.  Residential grade aluminum is susceptible to a few problems.

The first major problem is powder coating is expensive.   As a result, most manufacturers use a spray on enamel or thin baked on powder coat.  These types of coating systems do not possess enough UV-ray inhibitors to keep that black fence looking black.  Make sure the powder coating system is endorsed by an independent third party such as the AAMA.  Otherwise, that black aluminum will look like a black snake shedding its skin within six months.

The second major problem is the thinness of the materials which often results in damage fences.  Most residential grade aluminum fencing features 5/8" thick pickets and 1"  horizontal rails.  Because of the thinness, the pickets can be bent with the human hand, and the horizontal rails can be bent by the weight of a child.

The third major problem is the method in which residential grade aluminum fencing is held together. For example, most of these fences are held together by cheaply-made 1 1/4" self-tapping aluminum screws.  Because of this, after repeated banging, the screws will dislodge themselves and fall out, as will the pickets.  The industry standard is not designed for high traffic areas or for homeowners who have weekly lawn care.

For a few dollars more, a homeowner can upgrade to a commercial aluminum fence.  This class is the best choice for residential homes with moderate to high usage.  The pickets are 3/4" thick and possess greater wall strength than does the residential grade; they cannot be bent by the human hand. The rails are thicker, adding to the overall support of the fence.

Most commercial aluminum fences are polyester powder coated and must meet the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) minimum mandates.  The powder coating generally includes UV-ray protection, but not always.  Be aware that all polyester powder coats or powder coating methods are not created equal. The best way to judge the quality of the powder coat is the length of the manufacturer's warranty--less than thirty years is not good.

Industrial Grade:  This type of aluminum fencing is used for community swimming pools, parking lots, and manufacturing facilities. Commercial grade fences are not generally installed around residential homes due to their high cost.  The pickets will be 1" and possess wall thickness over a millimeter thick, and the fence will have a polyester powder coating.  Commercial grade aluminum can be welded to create a stable structure and a seamless look.

Regardless of your choice, make sure you ask questions.  Do not assume all aluminum fencing is the same.  When in doubt, ask a professional or contact the design team specialist at Paramount Fencing.   Visit their website for all the custom aluminum question.  They are there to assist all your Custom Fencing needs in Orlando, Custom Aluminum Fence in Lake Mary, Custom Aluminum Fence in Winter Park, Custom Fence Oviedo, Custom Fence Winter Garden.

Below is an excellent example of the differences between a residential grade and a commercial grade Aluminum product.   In the video, the fence on the right is a residential class, and the fence on the left is commercial grade.  Notice the bent pickets.

2.  The Area Two Be Define:


It's important to look at the area you wish to define from all angle.   A great place to start is stand in the area and ask yourself if you do you want the aluminum fence to be the dominant feature or do you want it to be a back drop Take into consideration the architecture of the home, the landscapeAlluminum Fence Custom, and