About Us

Mission Statement:

Custom Fence Orlando is an online educational resource design to inspire ideas and address real issues facing the custom fence industry.  Most importantly, we want to cultivate the knowledge necessary for consumers to make wise, informed, and intelligent decisions when choosing a custom fence for their Orlando Florida homes. 

Why This Website Was Created

As the economy has recovered, the demand for a custom fence in Orlando and Central Florida has increased.  New fence companies and new fence products are introduced on a daily basis. For consumers, buying a fence has become difficult.  It is becoming tedious to separate fact from fiction and hard to separate common sense from common mistakes.

There is an answer.  Custom Fence Orlando is designed to provide a compass for the consumer who desires to purchase a Custom Fence.  This website was specially designed to educate and to inspire:  It features tools such as interactive galleries and educational base articles written by industry professionals.   Most importantly, if an answer is needed, the consumer now possesses the ability to Ask a Professional About Custom Fence In Orlando Florida.

Our Purpose

It is our goal to report relevant and responsible information that will assist the consumer in making a well-informed decision.   As a result, it is our promise that all information within this site will be based on the facts, and not opinion.  Here is how you can help.   If you have a comment, question, or concern please fill out the form below.   We promise to respond within 24-48 hours or simply post to the Ask a Professional About Custom Fence In Orlando Florida.

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