Custom Wood Fence

Custom Wood Fence

It is very easy to surf the web and see a custom wood fence that makes us say,  " Wow."   Before we know it, we have pinned it. Tagged it, and posted it three times on Facebook.  Then comes the "likes" followed by emojis.  After a few days, one thing is clear.  It's apparently difficult to get a custom fence company to call you back.  If they do show up, they push vinyl fence or style unworthy of even an Instagram.   Slowly, that custom fence we so proudly shared and displayed starts to fade.  Then on that evening walk reality hits, because all we see are rickety, rotten, wood-fences with pickets falling off that make us say, "You're kidding, right?"

Frustrated, most give up. Don't. That is why Custom Fence Orlando was created. We are here to assist the consumer in separating the pertinent information from the minutiae regurgitated into the market by fence companies. Bottom line, we are here to break it down.  From the species of trees to the milling methods and from the grades of lumber to the pressure-treating, we will help you understand how each affects the aesthetics and the structural integrity.

Helping people understand the fence is what we do.  Because our understanding is rooted in countless visits to the lumber mills, pressure-treating plants, and the chemical companies. Our understanding is rooted in real science and countless hours of in-house testing and analysis.  Simply put, we ask the questions most custom fence companies in Orlando don't. Questions like how does pressure-treating effect fasters? It's a question like this which has saved customers thousands of dollars and aggravation.  It is a question like this that has made us a trusted source and source shotty fence companies really despise.

Areas Of Consideration

When considering a wood fence

Type of Material


Installation Method



Pressure Treating



Choosing a Company


Tested Designs

That Work In Florida

Shelf-Top Wood Fence

Horizontal Wood Fence

Shadow Box Shelf 2

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