A Creative Fence Scam

In the past several months, fence companies throughout Florida have received emails, texts, and phone calls requesting estimates for an individual who is sick and preparing to move into a home they just purchased.   The names, emails, phone numbers, and houses location are always different but take the same approach each time.   Here are the basics:

A Potential Fence Scam Every Homeowner and Fence Company Should Be Aware Of

A person contacts a fence company via text or email.  The individual wants to know if they are interested in installing a fence.  The requirements are specific.  The individual name and requested location always change.   The caller claims to be in the hospital with Lung Cancer or some sort of critical illness.  All they need is a fence for a home they just purchased or in the process of purchasing.

When asked for documentation or proof of ownership, they are in the hospital, so they don’t have access to their closing documents.   Next, the caller is not listed as a deed owner on the local county property appraiser.  Finally, when the real estate firm is contacted, the individual name is not the buyer or seller.

During our investigation process, the one thing in common is the properties are always freshly listed, or a transaction is pending.    Simply put, those home pull up first on popular real estate website.

The angle of the callers are unknown?    It could be as simple as getting materials and conducting a chargeback or an individual working as a broker for new home buyers.  Regardless of the motive, this possesses the potential of consumers and company getting ripped off.


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