DIY Custom

If you ever have attempted a "Do It Yourself" fence project, you know getting access to the right product can be tough.  When those materials arrive, you soon realize it is not going to be as easy as you thought.  As you scratch your head, it hits you like a ton of bricks.  You are alone.

No more.   Thanks to Paramount Fencing, Inc. Custom Fence Orlando members will now have direct access to higher-end custom fencing systems that are simple and easy to install.    Each product is unique and possesses a high-end custom look.  The good news is all DIY products will come with 1-hour of technical phone support and free online installation instruction which are written by the pros.

This is a new venture so please check back each week.   We will be releasing product line slowly so we can deliver exactly what we promised.

Fence Gate Hardware

Finding unique and different Gate Hardware is difficult in the State of Florida.  What we do find is standard and lacking in quality.   The main reason is home improvements stores and local fence companies will only carry what sales to the masses.    We are here to help.   Look no more.  You now have access to what the custom pro's use. 

Fence gate Accessories

For years, homeowner's and fence company have placed special focused on enhancing the gate entry.    The problem is the product available on the market are limited to the narrow purchasing habit of the big box stores.   If do find something, the manufactured product is often not set up harsh Florida Climate.    Now there is hope. NUVO IRON.  Don't let the name fool you, because their products are powder coat cast aluminum gate and fence accessories.  Take a look at their simple, but easy solutions.